From high street fashion to celebrity brands,
Laurelle London provides leading retailers with full turn-key category management. We partner with retailers to develop
proprietary programs of fragrance and beauty.
These categories are generating additional revenue with high margins and help to grow brand loyalty.

All manufacturing sites are inspected regularly to ensure compliance with EU and FDA quality standards, GMP to the latest ISO standards, and Workplace Condition Assessments to ensure compliance with international ethical standards.

We offer a stock holding facility and a dedicated sales person to maintain and manage customers’ requirements. Close working relationships are of paramount importance to us, whether with large national manufacturers or with  small  start-up SME companies reflect the immense importance of their business to us.

With our in-depth knowledge of the industry and on-going investment in our factory and facilities, we ensure that we provide a high level of service, quality products and all with a fast turnaround.

Laurelle worldwide follow stringent stability testing protocols that adhere to GMP stipulations in the industry.  The process begins with auditing all factories and continues with quality control of components and packaging manufactured globally.  Finally, all finished goods are tested for quality prior to shipping.

Here at Laurelle we strive to be a strong, robust, and a forward thinking company, which embraces an environmentally ethical vision.  With on-going investment in our warehouses, people, innovation and design, we continue to open up new market opportunities internationally and within the UK.  With a strong commitment to reducing our carbon footprint in the future and lessening landfill waste, our modern, clean working facilities will reflect our commitment to the environment.

Our Team assures every aspect of design and production are flawless while adhering to current trends and
seasonal programs.

Oliver McMahon - Director

Services we provide

We Build relationships with retailers and the consumer from concept to counter, we are proud to fly the British flag of manufacturing.

  • Packaging Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Bottle Prototyping
  • Fragrance / Design Trends and Forecasting
  • FSDU / POS Design
  • Fragrance Development, Formulation and Supply 
  • Private Label Beauty
  • UK Manufacturing
  • Global Logistics 
  • Quality Control
  • Market Analysis
  • Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Brand Naming and Registration
  • Logo & Web Design
  • PR
  • Product Launches
  • Press Days 

The men’s fragrance market in the UK valuation for 2017 was 56.8 million dollars.

The prestige fragrance market was valued at £1 billion in 2017. Fragrance ended the year with a solid performance, increasing 3%, with both classic and new launches contributing to this growth.

Working with some of the best perfumers and perfume houses we have the ability to conduct vital research on fragrance trends, pricing & brand positioning.

Research & Development

Laurelle teams continue to collaborate with renowned perfumers and specialists to develop innovative and creatively inspired scents. Ingredient sourcing, blending and testing are carried out in house to ensure to we control all aspects from design to completion.

Contract Manufacturing

We focus on designing and manufacturing all things spectacular. We have a wide range of beauty brands under our umbrella that we continue to grow to be global market competitors. We continue to invest and innovate in order to challenge our processes and find better ways to continue delivering the best service. Whether you’re new to the fragrance industry or like us you already have a name for yourselves our team of highly skilled professionals will help shape your brand.

Building Brands

Here at Laurelle London we understand the importance of building brands. From the very start it’s been our mission to be a first class manufacturer and distributor of fragrance and cosmetics. We focus on long term development within a market that we know inside and out. From designer luxury to individual niche brands we can guarantee an excellent service.

Event Launch

We provide a dedicated full service PR division with strategic social media and VIP outreach program in both the UK and overseas. We also provide press days which can be themed, propped and fully catered to meet your requirements. We have access to an array of leading bloggers, vloggers and online celebrities to help promote your brand.